Sr Josephine Chackery, Bangalore

“The Joy of living as JMJ Sister”

  1. am ever grateful to the Lord for inviting me to be with Him and to be sent out in service. I, forever cherish my call to the Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph, as it has molded me and taught me both to abide in God and to be available in service.
  2. As I decided to be a religious, it is God’s eternal plan and providential care that brought me to this Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph.
  3. Rev. Fr. Mathias Wolff SJ, the founder of this congregation lived with a Spirit of ‘An Ever renewed search for God’s Holy Will’ and with a Charism of ‘An Ever Adaptable Apostolic Availability’. His life on earth has been a model to follow and a module to learn the lessons of God’s goodness and faithfulness.
  4. What motivated me the most from the Founder’s life was, His unconditional trust in God and his untiring zeal for the salvation of the souls. As I began and continued different stages of my religious life, these aspects from the life of the Founder had been the source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement. I love his writings and teachings to our first sisters. I love the faith and traditions that this congregation follows. What fascinates me about the Spirit and Charism of this congregation is its relevance. It is relevant to all people, to all places and to all times. The emphasis given on the aspect of Obedience is enormous and I have experienced in my personal life the rewards that obedience brings. The importance given to the Virtue of Humility and to the aspect of Discernment is tremendous. These aspects have helped me both at my work and in my community to make right decisions be it to save a life or to settle down the conflicting situation.
  5. Trust in God, Obedience, Humility, Spirit of Discernment and Zeal for souls are the most important aspects or virtues that helped me to live my religious life faithfully and fruitfully.
  6. I was chosen to spread the healing power of God and the congregation educated me to be a qualified gynecologist. During my formation outside my home city, during my studies outside my country and at every moment of difficulty it is the zeal for the salvation of souls and the Charism of availability that kept me go on without looking back.
  7. The apostolic availability that the Charism taught me had helped me to be available to every sick and needy person.
  8. Trust in God and Spirit of Humility has helped me to accept my sickness and limitations gracefully.
  9. I am so grateful to God for bringing me to such a Congregation whose Spirit and Charism is so inspiring, so relevant, so inviting, so challenging and so fulfilling.
  10. As I am now retired and am taking rest, spending time in prayer and silence, I have to say one thing and that is – living the Charism faithfully gives lot of satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment.
  11. Being in medical field, I had to see and experience lot of pain, poverty and suffering, sometimes it was difficult to face it, but the ‘Examen of Consciousness’ which I have learnt in this congregation has helped me to grow grateful, to change my attitude, to be available and to be compassionate. I never failed in my daily examination of consciousness and that helped me to live this rich Charism more meaningfully.
  12. The writings of the Founder and the Constitutions are very relevant and helped me at every moment of doubt and uncertainty to come back to the Lord and to be faithful to my commitment.
  13. The community of JMJ follows the Spirit of the Community of Holy Family of Nazareth. It imitates the Obedience of Mary, Faithfulness of Joseph and the Availability of Jesus to every needy person, available till the last drop of his blood is shed. Following of these Holy Patrons has helped me to find my place in this community and I am glad and feel privileged about it.
  14. Today I am a happy and most satisfied JMJ sister, And I joyfully spend the remnant of my life, may be hours, days, weeks, months or years in singing the praises of God Almighty and praying for the continuation of the Mission of God through Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph.