The Congregation of JMJ celebrates the Bicentenary Jubilee of the foundation of the Society of Jesus Mary Joseph from July 2021 to July 2022, in deep gratitude to God for 200 years of its selfless service to humanity and for being faithful to the founding Spirituality and Charism.

The Bicentenary Theme ‘JOURNEYING WITH MATHAIS WOLFF - REKINDLING JMJ LEGACY’ implies that every JMJ sister walking the path of the Founder is a pilgrim on a journey, guided by the Spirit, transforming herself through personal prayer, and reflection; spiritual conversion, and renewed commitment. On this sacred inward journey, she strives to rekindle Fr. Wolff’s prophetic Vision, Spirituality, Charism, and Missionary Zeal within oneself and others, building a better world for all humanity that puts the poor and the planet at the heart of JMJ mission.

Logo in Circle form - signifies ‘God as the circle whose centre is everywhere, and who is the centre of everything; the alpha and omega, the beginning and end.' The Circle represents the wholeness, vitality, eternity, holiness, and well spring of the Spirit of God, in which the Congregation of JMJ lives and grows in a sacred blending with the Divine.

Holy Spirit in the form of Dove - denotes the ‘presence of the Holy Spirit, who sends us out on mission (Missio Ad Gentes); accompanies and inflames our hearts with passion for Jesus’ mission’. Empowered by the Spirit, we dare to become the agents of change, revitalising our apostolic and mission priorities, in solidarity with the Church and the World.

Two Flames - signify that every JMJ sister ignited by the Spirit, like the Apostles at Pentecost, desires to become a radical follower of Christ, being responsible for passing on and rekindling the rich JMJ legacy to the future generations.

The Netherlands’ Flag colours of RED, WHITE, and BLUE - represent the roots of JMJ foundation on the Dutch soil in 1822, and our profound respect to the thousands of Dutch sisters, who truly lived and transmitted the spiritual heritage of the Founder uncurtailed, to the successive generations.

RED - signifies Jesus’ sacrifice for salvation of humanity. Like the Founder Mathias Wolff and Pioneers, we walk the way of Christ with selflessness, bravery, fortitude and courage.

WHITE - represents the purity of St. Joseph, and also the distinct traits of intelligence, wisdom, perseverance, obedience, honesty, and holiness of the first JMJ sisters who lived in Amersfoort and Engelen, and continue to inspire us to be authentic to the founding Spirituality and Charism.

BLUE - indicates the faithfulness of Blessed Virgin Mary and also signifies the heaven, divinity, serenity, submission and peacefulness. Following her example of loyalty and surrender, we let the Founder’s flame glow brightly in God’s service, as we march forward into the future with hope.