Sr Ignatius Yeruva, Guntur

  1. I am indeed happy that the Spirit is moving in our Congregation very actively. Our Founder Father Mathias Wolff 's Spirit proceeds along two lines:
    “Ascending to God
    Going to the people”
  2. I am always available to the needs of the Congregation and to the people;even now I am ready to do as much as I can.I have made use of the opportunities to toil for the greater glory of God.I am always obedient to my superiors and to the Mission entrusted to me.I always found my strength & trust in the Holy Eucharist and our dear mother too.
  3. I am always present at my community prayer & meetings because the true Spirit & strength comes only from the community (com+unity).
  4. Unless I have I cannot build up the spirit of unity. I was always attuned to the voice of God, discerning His will in my life in all the circumstances. To practice the Spirit &Charism of our Founder, great sacrifices are needed. I have sacrificed the time, energy and my life everything only to attain God’s glory. I have never regretted in my life for anything.
  5. I learned all these values from Dutch sisters who came to India without knowing any language, place and people by leaving everything for the sake of God. The Spirit & Charism of our Founder has been guided the pioneers and they passed on to us.Now we are passing this heritage to you. This must be preserved safely.
  6. The elders must take interest and courage to mould young sisters and the same way young sisters should have the Spirit and zeal to live up to it.
  7. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.