Sr Fathima Katakam, Bangalore


  1. I am very happy and glad to share my living experience of Charism and Spirit of the Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph. I fondly admire at the life of our founder Rev. Fr. Mathias Wolff who worked like a gaint and lived for the greater glory and honour of God.
  2. An ever ready for the souls and the rich Charism of “An ever adaptable apostolic availability” urges me to be always enthusiastic to work for the building up of God’s Kingdom by redeeming as many souls as I can.
  3. God's silence has a potentiality of rich, shared knowledge and love. St. Ignatius of Antioch wrote “Anyone who is really possessed of the Word of Jesus can listen to His silence and be perfect.” In the silence of my heart I was keen to listen to God’s gentle movements in my life and discovered God’s call to the Society of Jesus Mary Joseph and I was inspired by Dutch JMJ missionaries, Sr. Stephena and Sr. Theresita who worked happily for Christ carrying the four corners of the world in their heart and lived as true daughters of our founder.
  4. The guidance of my Novice mistress Sr. Aldegondis and assisted by Sr. Josepha Rachamalla helped me to strengthen my Divine call and to know about the spirit of our founder. Knowing the cost of discipleship, I surrendered myself totally to render my service with love and dedication. My companions were united and we decided to accept and take up life challenges joyfully. No trouble could make us feel less capable. I always remember the decision we took together “Let us try to be as pleasing as a rose, as exciting as a jasmine, as inviting as a dawn, as sparking as a diamond and as comforting as a breeze, only then we can be glad”.
  5. I wished always to follow the footprints of our founder and was obedient to the authority and ever available to go wherever I was sent and be a good example for the young members. Fr. Mathias Wolff says “The happiest, the most peaceful and also the most cheerful heart is the one that is most detached from itself and only seeks God in everything.” Having inspired by these words I rendered my services as library in-charge in B.Ed College for women, Guntur, as teacher in Kurnool, superior and clerk in Dargamitta, superior in Sivadi & Sirsi and supervised the construction work in many places with freedom of heart. The rich heritage and Charism of our Society “an ever adaptable apostolic availability” has enabled me to take up whatever is asked of me with great joy.
  6. I am proud be a JMJ because of sisters kind deeds, inspiring attitude and their encouraging words which do really helped me to be a more religious and human. I am always obedient and satisfied with the works assigned to me. The life has taught me to follow one’s own conscious and live according to God’s call. I always wished to accept God’s will and to contribute my mite to build up the Society and keep the rich heritage and patrimony of our Society.
  7. I liked to be remembered generation after generation definitely not as a foe but a dear pal who brought on many faces upon whom people could bestow their faith, one who was with others in their good and bad days that most comforting.
  8. May the Lord who has began His good works through the Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph continue to guide and bring good harvest in the coming years too.